About us

LiveTranquilNow.com is a subsidiary of TOMI, LLC and was founded in January of 2016. Our “Ultimate Responsible Carrying and Storage Bag” was developed on the principles of privacy and security. With a family, it became clear that proliferation of sensitive and potentially harmful products in our lives were vastly outpacing the products to keep them safe.

So we decided to offer our GO Stash (small), ECO Stash (medium), and PRO Stash (large). The one place where you can keep everything safely, securely and discreetly.


Our mission:

We consider ourselves the RIGHT organization offering the RIGHT products at the RIGHT time for the RIGHT reasons.

We offer design thoughtful, secure and discreet products that integrate safety in to our everyday lives.

We aim to set the standard for personal security for ourselves and those around us.


Our Promise To Humanity:

Our PASSION and GOALS are to educate and and promote Cannabis legalization both from medicinal and recreational standpoints. We believe this will VASTLY IMPROVE justice, economic, industrial, medical, ecological, philosophical, and social issues. We are convinced this can only DRASTICALLY improve the world we live in.

Please contact us at any time for any reason.