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The Ultimate Responsible Carrying and storage Bag

The Ultimate Responsible Carrying and storage Bag

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  • Quality First

    The bags are made from organically grown hemp or black nylon.

  • Choose Your Size

    With three sizes to choose from you can responsibly carry and store all of your recreational, medicinal, and/or personal items.

  • Safe Storage

    Each bag also comes with a combination lock for safety convenience. Accessories available upon request.

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How do I set my lock combination?

The lock can only be reset when it is set to the opening code.  The factory setting for the opening code is 0 - 0 - 0. Next press down the small reset button on top of the lock with a pen, or other small object, until it clicks.  Move the combination dial to the desired code and then open the lock lever (slide the thumb lever to the right). This will make the reset button pop back up. Now the code should be reset.

What are the OdorPax and when do they need to be replaced?

OdorPax are odor absorbing packets that are made of bamboo charcoal.  The OdorPax are disposable and replaceable. Depending on how you store your personal items determines how long the effectiveness of the packets will last.  OdorPax can be re-ordered on our website or by calling 239.689.3608. We recently switched from pine beetle kill carbon to bamboo carbon, the new bamboo material is found in the new black OdorPax packets. The OdorPax carbon media work by absorbing the odors but eventually the carbon media becomes spent (used up) and need to be replaced. Besides doing expensive testing there is no way to determine if the OdorPax are spent, the best way to determine this is by your own nose, or just adding a new one to the bag every 60 days or so. If discretion is a big concern then it may be helpful to have back-up OdorPaxs on-hand and even helpful to use multiple OdorPaxs, depending on your required level of discretion. OdorPax work by absorbing the odors and this takes some time. When new products are purchased it may require a day or two for the odors to be mostly absorbed. The general ‘rule of thumb’ is that the OdorPax will remain effective for 1 to 3 months depending what you store and how you store it.

I forgot my lock combination?

The factory setting for the locks is 0 - 0 - 0.  If the code has been changed then you will need to try each number until the lock opens and then either retain that number or reset the code.

What are these bags made of?

The beige bags are made of organically grown hemp. The black bags are made of 500 DN nylon.

What is the warranty?

If there is a manufacturer's defect in workmanship the bag it will be replaced at any time. Otherwise we offer a 30 day MBG.

Can I machine wash the cases?

Yes, machine wash with like colors on cold.  Air dry.